What I do

Traditionally, I am a Spanish technical translator. But I do more than write publish-ready technical translations:

design information in Spanish (Latin American, US, Castilian, European Spanish)

I translate Spanish technical documentation into US English

I am a multilingual typesetter.

I am a text weaver of typography art.

I am a text purveyor. Name a text in the language of your choice —English or Spanish— and I’ll supply it.

To aid you in your search, read on:

What I can do for you:

♦ Write, review and proofread Spanish translations
♦ Render translations in different file formats by using special software, such as Trados and Déjà Vu X
♦ Format translations by using Adobe Acrobat, InDesign, Illustrator, FrameMaker and Quark Xpress
♦ Translate the text in your graphics by using Adobe PhotoShop
♦ Machine translation (MT) postediting under controlled conditions
♦ Review and critique other people’s translations
♦ Answer your calls and emails within minutes or hours, not days
♦ Troubleshoot your translation workflow or find someone to do it

What I cannot do for you:

♦ Work with unanswered questions on terminology, formatting, deliverables, etc.
♦ Do humanly impossible deadlines
♦ Machine translation as final translation
♦ HTML coding
♦ Karaoke

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