Information Security expertise

Starting in May 2013, I began specializing in the InfoSec (information security) industry through a full-time translation contract for noted Silicon Valley startup FireEye.

For 10 months, I translated FireEye’s documentation, product guides, installation guides and additional collaterals for FireEye’s Latin American partners. I also built their InfoSec glossary from the ground up as well as their translation memory and style guide.

My ongoing contact with FireEye technical staff during this stint helped me do a thorough research on the proper terminology, in some cases breaking new ground. Now, terms such as callback activitychild malwarecloud-based malware intelligence and spear phishing have proper equivalents in Spanish.

I recently attended Secureworld Expo in Valley Forge, PA last April 2014 to acquaint myself with some of the main players in the InfoSec space and their strategies to expand overseas.

Far from portraying myself as fish out of water, I introduced myself as a language consultant with proven expertise and experience in the industry, but with a lot to learn. Speaking the industry language is one of my current goals:

my badge + business card for 2014 secureworld expo in PA

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