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The act of translating started as soon as the human race began communicating in writing. Teaching others how to translate technical documentation is one of my strongest professional and personal interests.

In 2012, NYU (New York University) approached me to design a 10-week course on Spanish-to-English technical translation as part of their translation certification program. This course consisted of ten weekly lessons paired with video discussions and the appropriate translation & writing assignments. In the summer of 2013, of 14 students who enrolled, 12 passed it.

In light of this success, I was asked again to teach the same course in the summer of 2014, as well as a spring course (February-April 2014) in English-to-Spanish technical translation (details found here).

At the end of the 2013 summer Spanish-to-English technical translation course, I asked my students to send me videos summarizing what they have learned. Here are some testimonials:

A Herrera’s testimonial

C Yabale’s testimonial

J Wilson’s testimonial

M Solie’s testimonial

R Castañeda’s testimonial









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